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Future: iOS

Over the years, we have worked on many different platforms: DOS, Apple II, Mac OS, Amiga, Windows, .NET, Mac OS X, the Web, etc. For a while, it was interesting; the variety made it great. Innovation was everywhere.

Then it became dull. Windows became the only choice. Creativity gave way to conformity. Lack of competition means reliability suffered, too: If it worked as it supposed to, we were happy. Computers were not supposed to be fun, nor dependable. Just reboot.

In 2007, a new product came out, and things were interesting, again. Not only that it just worked, it worked beautifully. It worked like nothing else, yet it simply worked the way it should. It was a lot of things, but most importantly, it was the beginning of a new platform.

About two years ago, the platform became official: It was called the iPhone OS. It’s the future. We bet on it.

This year, it has got a new name. iOS is it.

On this day, a rather special day for the newer world, the WISD software team is formally reestablished. And we are happy that, our work, our passion, which is designing great software, has become interesting and fun once again.

The WISD Team