Tech Applied. Wisely.

Design Philosophy 設計理念

The design of Nocs is guided by a few principles. These can be summarized in one line:

Plain text power underneath a simple, clean interface.

Nocs aims to be the low-cost tool that makes it easy to browse, edit, and organize. Its power comes from offering utility while being easy, simple, and clean; we think twice before adding a feature if it adds complexity. This is the reason why while functionality has been greatly expanded since the debut 1.0 release, the UI is largely unchanged.

Nocs can be as simple as the notepad next door, but as you turn on its options, the power unleashes.

Support Its Development

We are still very little known. And we don’t have a marketing department.

Please help us keep the price low and the updates coming.

Thank you!

Just the Beginning

Thank you for your interest in Nocs. This is just a release 1, a solid basis for much more to come…

See the update releases so far.

Featuring Techs

  • Dropbox
  • Markdown

  • iOS

    • Universal App: designed for both the iPhone/iPod touch & the iPad
      pay one low price and run it on all your iDevices
    • Retina Display support
    • See more screen shots on iPads and iPhones/iPod touches


Aggole : Nocs icons
David Loren Parsons : Discount
The Dropbox Team : Dropbox SDK
The InAppSettingsKit Team : InAppSettingsKit
John Gruber : Markdown
Matt Gemmell : MGSplitViewController
Smile Software : TextExpander touch