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Side Menu

Side Menu (in Dark mode).

Tap the Side Menu button on the home window to show the Side Menu.


Or simply drag from the left edge towards the right, along the top or bottom bars, even when you are not on the home window.

App-Level Commands

  • About...
    • Brings up the About Kase window with version, acknowledgments, credit, and copyright information.

Tap on the Version label to reveal detailed Version/Build numbers. Tap again to to find a quick link to Database History.

  • Help
    • Shows the Help sub-menu:
      • Documentation
      • Support
      • Import Sample Data
      • Glossary
  • Settings
    • Brings up Kase Settings where you can customize how Kase works.

Outside the Box

  • Formatters
    • Brings up the Formatters window where you can manage the Formatters available for formatting data output.
  • Units
    • Brings up the Units window where you can quickly find supported units for unit conversions, either interactively or via UnitConverter, one of the built-in formatters.

Current Box

  • Import...
  • Export...
  • Index
    • Brings up the Index for the current Box, showing indexed keywords that can be used for searching.

All Boxes

  • Boxes
    • Brings up the Boxes window where you can switch to another Box, or manage the Boxes in your Kase.
  • Backup, etc.
    • Brings up the Backup, etc. window where all database utilities reside.