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Kase 4.1

updated 2024/03/13
  • 2024/02/02
  • 2024/02/01

4 = 4.0 + 0.1

Kase 4.0 was a huge update. It was so big that compiling the list of changes was almost as big a task as making the app itself...

Inevitably, bugs got in. Especially when we are supporting three major releases of iOS/iPadOS (15, 16, and 17), and Apple likes changing things around with little to no documentations... (e.g. SF Symbols names, hi, what are you now?1)

4.1 is what 4.0 should have been, if i had more time...


But 4.1 is much more than bug fixes. It is a very important release on its own:

New Features

  • new Date/Time field type!
    • and not just a simple date and/or time — it has full, automatic, multi-level support for Time Zones!


  • Choice field type:
    • pop-up menu even in non-edit mode
    • CE users can also use it now (with some limitation)
  • Picture/Document field types:
    • new Regenerate Thumbnail command
    • new field option: icon aspect ratio
  • Sortable Fields:
    • maximum Sortable Fields per deck expanded from 3 to 8! (that is a 167% increase)
    • ability to set Sortable Fields from within the Sort Options menu is back, after a short absence in 4.0 when the Sort Field selection was changed to a menu
  • Category & Tags' colors:
    • new Reset to Intrinsic Color: Intrinsic Colors are name-based, and assisted by our in-house generative AAAI2 technology
    • colors are now included in the Import/Export files
    • With context menu and swipe actions to set colors to intrinsic, random, from a palette, or copy & paste from the clipboard, organizing your data is almost a fun activity!
  • much more robust Import/Export operations
  • all Field options rearranged to be easier to understand
  • Database History: DeviceKit update to properly display names for newer devices (i.e. iPhone 15, etc.)


  • QuickLook Edit fixed to remove the confusing Back button
  • crashes in iOS 15 fixed


  1. As of this writing, the current release of SF Symbols is 5.1, yet the latest release notes are for 3.0 on 2021/09/27 (with 157 renames).

  2. AAAI: AAAI Ain't AI