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Kase 4.3


New Features

  • Recover from Trash
    • Now when you delete a Card, a Deck, or even an entire Box, they go into the Trash instead of getting deleted immediately.
    • You can open the Trash and recover the items (available in the Full Edition, not CE).
    • Items you leave in the Trash will be automatically deleted after 32 days (so you always have at least a month before they are permanently deleted.)
  • Flags for Entries
    • Similar to how you can Mark a Deck or a Card, now you can Flag any Entries.
    • Whether to mark imprecise, approximate values, or to just denote special Entries, now you have an additional tool to organize your data.


  • more consistent context menus
    • Look Up, Speak, etc.
  • more robust file operations
    • no more “don’t have pemission” errors with AccessSecuredURL


  • Side-by-Side view: multi-line text was not showing