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Kase 3.3.1 for iOS/iPadOS 14.0 ⓤ

Kase 3.3.1 will be released to fix an issue with iPadOS 14.0. More details to follow...

2020/09/28 Update:

While iOS/iPadOS 14 features many welcome changes, it breaks a lot of things, even for apps that are not "linked against the SDK" -- i.e. existing apps that were designed for and targeting older releases.

It used to be that new OS releases and their new behaviors do not affect apps linked to prior SDKs: Newer, updated apps will get new behaviors and exiting apps continue sailing the old way, and do not get broken.

Those days are gone.

iOS 14.0's Breaking Changes

  • Kase's Boxes window:

    • iOS 14.0 completely broke Kase here; certain simple UIView constraints actually crash the app.
    • Kase 3.3.1 has be be made in a hurry to address this.
  • Kase's HEIF support:

    • iOS 14.0 simply crashes the app; a certian HEIF function have been working all along and now it suddenly crashes.
    • There is no simple way to fix this on our end, but fortunately iOS 14.2 beta seems to have this fixed.
    • Meanwhile, either update 14.0 to 14.2 beta, or turn off HEIF support in Kase's Pictures settings.
      • When Apple fixes this, you can use Kase's Picture Converter to convert newly captured non-HEIF pictures to the more efficient HEIF format.