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Q: Is my image being sent to some other place to get the text recognition?

There is one question/concern I have towards the image transcript: are you using a web service for that, meaning my image is being sent to some other place or is this done on my device?

No, Kase is serious about privacy. All text recognitions are performed on device without sending any of your data to the Internet.

Q: What is the difference between various Kase editions?

There is currently three Kase editions on the App Store. Please see this chart in Releases for the differences.

Q: Where are Kase's backup files? And how do I restore from my backups?

The User's Guide now has a section for it.

Q: In cards list view, when you click the button with an upside down triangle at the bottom all records disappear. What is this button meant to do?

You must be referring to the Filter button. In the Cards list, it is the second button from the left on the tool bar. Its primary function is to turn the current filter on or off. Since the default filter is a "has picture" filter, turning the filter on will show only Cards (or Items, Records) that have a picture, and thus the "disappearing" of the records.

As with all Kase buttons, you can tap-and-hold on the Filter button to get a sheet of available actions, complete with the button's name.

Q: Can we have the ability to have tags that have box scope and excludes global scope?

I create a new box in addition to the Box that has sample decks. In my new Box, I am still able to view tags from the sample Box. I do not want to see them. That is what I mean. The scope of tags should be limited to Box by default. i.e. It must not spread to other Databases. 😊

Kase actually works the way you want already: Tags are limited to a single Box. It is just that Kase creates a few default tags when it creates a new Box, and that might have led you to think that the same Tags have "spread across different Boxes".

Try renaming the Tags in one Box and you will see that Tags in the other Box are indeed different, independent Tags.