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Kase: Samples & Templates

The Basics

Linking Decks

This is the original, very basic demonstration of Kase's linking capability.

A "Companies" deck with no user-defined fields, and a "Product Lines" deck with only one user-defined field: "make". The "make" field is a Link to the Companies deck.

With this simple design, a Product Line card can specify its "make". For example, the iPad card has its make set to Apple.

From the other direction, a Company can browse all its products through the 'Product Lines as "make"' button. In this example, the Apple card has a Product Lines button that links to 8 of its products.


Basic Example

This is like the basic Linking Decks example but expanded a little.

The decks have additional user-defined fields to demonstrate some of the field types, and many cards have pictures, categories, and tags filled in.

Many-to-Many Example

This set of Decks demonstrates how a many-to-many relationship can be implemented in Kase.

In addition to the "Movies" deck and a "Actors & Directors" deck, the "Cast / Roles" deck serves as the many-to-many link to the former two decks


Inheritance Example

These decks demonstrate how inheritance can be used.

  • The "My Purchases" is the base deck here, with general fields to track any purchases.
  • The "My Collections" deck inherits from "My Purchases", adding fields appropriate for collectibles.
  • Finally, the "My Aircraft Models" deck inherits from "My Collections", defining fields specific to aircraft models (e.g. scale).