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Happy Thanksgiving! Kase 4 is finally here.


First, it is the free-of-charge free-of-ads CE edition. It is being released starting today and throughout this week. Users all over the world should receive the update automatically. Of course, you can update it manually before the auto update takes place.


Kase 4 the full version is on pre-order at a promotional price (US$6.99) until 11/30. Come 12/1, it will be be generally released at the regular price (US$8.99).


Bundle upgrade from Kase 3 will be available after 12/1. Stay tuned...


For what is new in release 4, please refer to the release notes. More info will be posted there.


Kase 4 is coming! But first, Moments 2, and pixelLogic 2! Both of these are near final, and will be released soon.


Moments 2 adds encryption to its iCloud syncing capability and has a lot of other improvements.


pixelLogic 2 introduces a History feature backed by Core Data and iCloud sync with data encryption.


Kase 4 is a long time in the making. It is a much improved Kase. The list of improvements will be long. Cloud syncing is not there yet, but many foundational changes make it ready...

You will like it.

(last updated: 2022/04/26)

Kase 3 was designed for iOS1 13, and it has been updated numerous times to work well with later releases of iOS 13 and 14.

Kase 4 will be the recommended version of Kase for iOS 15 and greater. This post will document how the older Kase 3 works under iOS 15.

iOS 15

Generally, iOS 15 seems to be a more refined version of iOS 14 — not many new features and not breaking many things (unlike when iOS 14 was released).

Kase 3 on iOS 15


  • Side Menu: section header text is not visible in Light mode (Dark mode is OK).
    • fixed in Kase 4
  • Alternate App Icon
    • earlier releases of iOS 15 (including 15.4) had a bug that prevented this feature from working properly (not just for Kase; other apps are also affected)
    • iOS 15.4.1 has it fixed


While Kase 3 is not designed for iOS 15, it is still recommended over iOS 14.

Until Kase 4 is available, Kase 3 is still fine for iOS 15.

  1. iOS here refers to both iOS and iPadOS,