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Release Status: 3.0.1



In its simplest form, Kase is an easy-to-use data manager with two field types: Text and Link. Beneath the minimalist interface, Kase is a customizable, Core Data-based relational database system with inheritance, full-text indexing, pictures, tags + categories, Unicode support, and data formatters + unit converters.

Based on the metaphor of a Deck of Cards (where Decks can be organized into Boxes), Kase is very structured, yet very flexible. Prefer “Tables” and “Records”? Customize it! Kase’s UI is minimal and customizable — the idea is that you should be looking at the view, not the window.

Data → Information → Knowledge → Wisdom

From a simple list of collectibles, to a complex web of interrelated information, Kase’s mission is to help you build your knowledge base.

Basic Concepts

Main Features

Ⅰ. “KASE: Kase Are Super Easy”

Ⅱ. “Simple+Flexible Makes A Powerful Kase”

Ⅲ. “Safely Yours, Kase”

Additional Details


  1. Expanded capabilities for Views and Filters are planned as free updates. ↩︎