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Kase: Your Personal Database

Release Status: 3.6.1 | Docs​

Simple. Flexible. Relational.​

Kase exists because it should. There should be a database app that can go anywhere with you. It should be:

  • Simple — so using it should be easy and intuitive,
  • Flexible — so once familiar with the basics, you can design any database to track anything important to you, and
  • Relational — because you don't want to repeat yourself, and inter-linked data becomes an order of magnitude more useful.

Additionally, it should be:

  • Personal — because you should not need to worry about who can peek into your data, and
  • Always Available — because high-speed wireless network connection should not be a prerequisite for accessing your own data.

Something like that didn't exist, so I started creating Kase in 2014.

Kase is all that. It is not perfect, but it does its job well.

Basic Concepts​

  • Your Kase contains Boxes.
  • Each Box stores Decks that can be related to each other.
  • A Deck collects similarly structured Cards.
  • And a Card is where you put data Entries.


  • Box can be locked with a passcode, and unlocked with Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Deck definitions support inheritance!
  • Pick and organize Decks and Cards with categories, tags, and bookmarks.
  • Highlight any box, deck, card, entry, or keyword.
  • Write in Markdown and see rich formatted text.
  • Use Formatters (Fx), Units to visualize data in different ways without altering the data one bit.
  • Full text indexing with NLP.
  • Side-by-Side: Compare Cards easily by displaying in columns.
  • Complete backup and restore.
  • iPad Multitasking support: Split View, Slide Over, etc.

From Data to Wisdom​


Data ▹ Information ▹ Knowledge ▹ Wisdom

Knowledge ▹
Information ▹
 Data ▹ 

What Kase Does​

  1. Store Data: the objective truths.
  2. Organize Information: reflects circumstances/current condition.
  3. Systematically retrive Knowledge: usable/utilized for decision making.

And that hopefully enables you to grasp Wisdom, comprehend insights, and ultimately create value.

What Kase is Not​

  • Cloud syncing yet (stay tuned...)

Big Data?​

You make Big Data big. By now you should realize how valuable your data is. So why give it away? Kase keeps your data yours.


Docs and Info​


  1. The User's Guide is a work in progress.↩